The maturity diagnosis


The diagnosis is based on a campaign of interviews of different stakeholders in your company.

It is essential to obtain the vision of all the departments concerned by the strategy of the company. These interviews must be done in an individual way so as not to influence the results.

The diagnosis contains nine areas to be analyzed, each of which contains a series of specific questions.

At the end of the questionnaire, the system will propose a radar graph that indicates:


- The result of a particular interview,

- The average of the responses of all stakeholders,  

- Or the results of specific groups, defines according to needs.



It is also possible to compare the results between the average of your company and a specific department.


The graph will then superimpose the two averages to show the differences.


A complete report will be given to you at the end of the analysis.


This is an opportunity to discuss these results as a group, which also makes it a powerful tool for internal communication.

During our missions, we were able to witness many cases where these discussions made it possible to unlock problematic situations, to highlight processes existing in the company and ignored by some of the collaborators, to validate the effectiveness of certain processes, Etc.


" I want to improve my ability to innovate ! "

And this is what it's all about !

The analysis of the results and the report of our experts will set up a ROAD MAP that will enable you to improve your overall innovation capability.

The tool contains simulation functions which make it possible to set up targets (defined in particular by the route plan).

These simulations can be compared at any time to a new real measurement in order to verify the progresses that have been accomplished.

Many other features are available.

We will be happy to meet and discuss it with you !