Do you want to make your business evolve and prosper  ?


Backed by a demonstrated  expertise of more than 10 years on the international market,
IDP is the essential resource to guide you.

Our specialists have specifically developed a tool that collects, analyzes, measures and evaluates all the elements that will make an idea an innovation!

Risk management, probability of success, strategic fit, return on investment, are just some of the points we consider in our process.

We are able to guide you precisely through every step of the innovation process to help you make the best business choices

But above all, we propose an initial maturity diagnosis of innovation processes, to establish a road map to improve these processes.

Specialised coaching

Custom software and applications


 Our methodology is UNIQUE, COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE.

Because each company is unique and each stakeholder counts, we adapt

our tools and solutions to your needs!

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