The voice of the Customers

Any company that wants to innovate must listen to its customers AND its collaborators.


Our specialists have developed WEB applications allowing anyone (in-house or external, as required) to register and submit ideas:

  • Either for the improvement of an existing product
  • Or for the design of a new product

Once the idea of ​​a new product or service has been submitted, it will be registered in the idea management database and will be analyzed later by the collaborators or consultants in charge of this task.

If your company wants to collect ideas for an ongoing project, you can define which ones you want to make available for voting.

In this way, your company totally controls the projects for which it wants to get additional ideas.

The customer can therefore:

  • Submit ideas completely free
  • Choose an existing project and decide to add ideas in free form or vote for features that your company will have defined. The latter option gives the possibility of assigning a note to the various functionalities proposed.

This note is divided into two parts:

1. How important is this feature for this client

2. What, in his view, is the current level of service for this functionality for all existing similar products?


So your company can have a vision of what your customers want at any time

Here is for  example how you will find the information related to the design of a new telephone model.

Red dots represent the most important features and are considered poorly served by the average customer. These features must therefore be treated as a matter of priority.

Once the features are ranked in order of importance, a KANO model will be made available to customers. Using a set of positive and negative questions, it will make it possible to distinguish between the functionalities that have different influences on customer satisfaction:


      - Basic, the minimum below which the client will be very dissatisfied

      - Proportional (or linear), which allow to increase the satisfaction according to the effort that is carried to them

      - Attractive, which has the greatest influence on the degree of satisfaction and which are rarely asked explicitly.



Customers responses are accumulated in the database and

average expectations are calculated

Contact our specialists and we will INNOVATE TOGETHER !